sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

~ 'ello world ~

"Nada a lo que tengas miedo importará en los mejores momentos de tu vida"-- o3/11/2o12
x Watching: Dr. House season 8 & Merlin season 5.
x Listening: "Safe & sound- FF7AC"
x Reading: Artemis Fowl

 Welcome to my blogspot~! This is myspace for personal growth and to show my works in progress and finished. Thank you so much for your visit. If you need something, please don’t be shy and just ask me

Art will be coming soon :D Hope to show my art to the world and many of you talented artists~!
Why the name of the blog?
"Life is looking up" it's the name of a song from "Razia's Shadow Musical" I'm in love with the lyrics. 

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